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   The Show

Bad In Bed: The Queer Sex Podcast is a sex-positive podcast hosted by sex educators and journalists Bobby Box (he/him) and Gabrielle Kassel (she/her). Every week, the two tackle a topic near and dear to their hearts and loins, sharing their (s)experiences and chatting with industry experts. From sex toys, strap-on sex, and fisting, to sexual identity, painful sex, and loose genitals, Bad in Bed is the (queer) sex-ed you never had, but always wanted and deserved!


Gabrielle Kassel

A self-motivated, SEO-savvy journalist, Gabrielle Kassel has written over 1,500 articles about issues on sex, sexuality, and fitness for brands like Healthline, Greatist, Well + Good, Health, Shape, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan, and more. 


She’s also the co-host of Bad in Bed: The Queer Sex (Education) podcast, where she and fellow queer sex journalist Bobby Box talk about all things strap-on sex, anal, bisexuality, and pleasure products. 


She also films video explainers, pens captions, and hosts Q&As all with the intent of supporting folks on their sex (re)education journey. 


Known for my contagious energy, smile, and goofy, disarming demeanor, she helps remove the barriers around taboos, giving folks the space they need to explore, safely.

Meet Your Co-Hosts

Bobby Box

Bobby Box (his real name) is a freelance writer and editor whose work on sex and culture has been published in countless publications, including: Playboy, Elle, NewNowNext, Billboard, Daily Beast, Them., The Advocate, Women’s Health, Mel Magazine, and AskMen.

Bobby worked as contributing editor at Playboy, where he penned daily features for their sex and culture vertical and contributed to the publication’s successful re-launch under Cooper Hefner’s leadership. He has also worked as feature editor at Inside Fitness, and as a senior branded content editor at the Toronto Star. Though he enjoyed all these experiences, Bobby’s now living that freelance life and couldn’t be happier.

Coming out as queer halfway through his career, Bobby has amassed a considerable and respected LGBTQ+ audience and has become recognized as a studied and shameless voice in the community. His life’s work is to provide queer people with well-reported information to better educate the community on all things love and sex.

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Meet Your Producers

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Vivian McCall

Vivian McCall (aka Pansy) is a trans Chicago singer-songwriter who meshes classic AM pop songwriting, bleary college rock atmospherics, and lyrics that favor plainspoken honesty over complication.


McCall has been long active in the Chicago music scene. For years, she played in the experimental pop band Jungle Green. She recorded the band and others (Gold Star Gold Star, Big Mermaid) at her home studio Wild Combination.

McCall also writes for a living. You may have heard her reporting for Chicago NPR station WBEZ. McCall isn’t married, but maybe you can change that.

Jeb Backe

Jeb Backe is a non-binary musician and audio/multimedia producer based out of Chicago, IL. Jeb currently plays in wiggly, goober rock band, Berta Bigtoe– while also spending time on their writing and recording project, No Lonesome. 


Jeb is a creator that focuses on audio, visual, and written material. Some previous outlets for Jeb’s work have been NPR’s World Cafe, Peeps Magazine, and City Bureau.


In Jeb’s past they have volunteered as a trained sex and substance educator. Bad in Bed creates an exciting mix of Jeb’s penchant for progressive discussions around sex and their love for audio.

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